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20kv Class S11 Series Three-Phase Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer


Compared with 10kV class S11 series, 20kV S11 series three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformers have 

some advantages: 1. Increase power supply capability. 2. Ensure the voltage quality. 3. Debase the electric energy loss in power system, etc. They can save the construction fee of power system. They are the developing products of energy conservation in power system. 

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Technical Data for 20kV Class S11 Series Three-Phase Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer

160< tr>< td>4001900
TypeRating(kVA)Voltage CombinationVectorGroupLoss (W)No LoadCurrent(%)IMP. VOL(%)Weight (kg)
HVTapping Range (%)LVNo Load LossFull Load Loss
S11-30/203020 ±2×2.5%or±5% 0.4 Y, ynoorD, yn111106801.15.5300
S11-50/205014094 00.9700
S11-80/20< /td>8019013600.8800
S11-125/201252501 9400.7900
S11-20 0/2020035028300.71000
S11-250/202504103350 0.71200
S11-630/20630820630 00.52300
S11-800/2080099078000.56.026 00
S11-1000/20100011609800 0.43300
S11 -1600/2016001650151000.44 500

The above parameter is only for reference as typical data, customer-made is subject to customers’ request.

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